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Our mission to provide you with the best quality tyres at the best possible price: We deliver on 100% satisfaction to all our valued customers. We build trust and we want a long term relationship with all our customers. For a FREE tyre quotation and or FREE advice Contact us.

Were to start
If you’re shopping for a new set of tyres, you don’t have to stick with the model originally fitted to your car by the manufacturer. Just make sure you pick a tyre that meets your needs.
How to read your tyre size
Each tyre has standard markings on the side of your tyre that allow you to pick the right size & type for your car. Here’s what it all means, using the code for the size eg 205/65R15 94H: made simple contact us and we can interpret for you over the phone. This is useful when we supply you with a tyre quote
Tyres tips
Tread and tyre pressure are the two critical factors to tyre safety. Tyre tread will help your vehicle to grip the road surface when braking and cornering.
Driving on under-inflated tyres will use more fuel, while driving on over-inflated tyres can affect vehicle handling and overall wear.

1.  Check tyre condition and air pressures regularly.
2. Ensure you have the correct tyre for your car.
3. Avoid “mixing” tyres.
4. Avoid hard braking and sudden acceleration.
5. Use care when parking to avoid tyre damage.
6. Ensure that tyres have more than 1.6mm of tread.
7. Have your tyres fitted by a specialist.
8. Do not use sealants to repair punctures.
9. Have a regular wheel rotation and wheel alignment.

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