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WOF - Warrant of Fitness Auckland

A warrant of fitness (WoF) is a regular check to make sure your vehicle meets safety standards. Vehicles made before 2000 need a WoF every six months, while newer ones need it yearly. We do WoF inspections and any repairs or servicing in one spot. We’ll keep your vehicle safe and working well, so you can keep driving without a worry in mind.

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Understanding a warrant of fitness is important for vehicle owners, and we’re here to help. You can bring your car to us for a WoF inspection. We have two shops conveniently located in Mt Eden and St Lukes. Our expert team will make sure your vehicle meets all safety standards, providing you with peace of mind on the road. So, whether you’re near Mt Eden or St Lukes, visit us for your safety inspection needs.

Regular Car Maintenance

Your responsibility is to maintain your vehicle in a condition that meets warrant standards all the time. For instance, even if your tyres pass during a warrant inspection, you should replace them when the tread wears down to the minimum depth. Waiting until the next inspection could raise your risk of a crash or getting fined.

It’s illegal to drive without WOF

If your vehicle doesn’t meet the requirements for a warrant of fitness, it’s against the law to drive it. Also, if it doesn’t have a valid WoF label displayed, it’s not allowed on the road. However, you can still drive your vehicle in these situations if you’re taking it to get repaired or to get a new Warrant of fitness, as long as it’s safe to do so. In other words, you can’t drive it just for regular use if it doesn’t meet warrant of fitness standards or lacks a valid WoF label.

If you come to us for any car service we will let you know of any repairs required soon to help you keep on top of this.

If our warrant of fitness inspectors find any issues with your vehicle, the repair work can be completed onsite quickly and efficiently by our team of technicians.

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What does Warrant of Fitness / WoF cover?

During a warrant of fitness inspection, many aspects of your vehicle’s safety are checked. This safety inspection is a general safety check to make sure your vehicle meets certain standards. Here’s what’s looked at during the inspection:

  1. Tyre condition, including tread depth.
  2. Brake operation.
  3. Structural condition, making sure there’s no rust in certain areas.
  4. Lights, to make sure they’re working properly.
  5. Glazing, which means checking if your windscreen is safe.
  6. Windscreen washers and wipers.
  7. Doors, to assure they open and close safely.
  8. Safety belts, which should not be damaged or overly faded, and the buckles must work correctly.
  9. Airbags, if your vehicle is equipped with them.
  10. Speedometer, to make sure it’s working.
  11. Steering and suspension, which must be safe and secure.
  12. Exhaust system, making sure there are no leaks and it’s not smoky or louder than the original.
  13. Fuel system, making sure there are no leaks.

If you’ve made modifications to your vehicle, like changing its structure or parts, you might need a low volume vehicle certificate to show it’s still safe to drive.

What does WoF / warrant of fitness not cover?

Knowing about a warrant of fitness is important for anyone who owns a vehicle. Unlike when you buy a car, a warrant of fitness is just about safety checks, not everything else. It’s good to understand that while a warrant of fitness checks important safety stuff, it doesn’t look at everything, like the engine or brakes.

When a car passes its safety inspection, it gets a special label stuck on the front window. This label shows the car is safe to drive. Make sure to check the expiry date on this label and get the next safety inspection before that date.

But if a car fails its warrant of fitness, you can’t drive it on the road unless you’re taking it to fix the problems or get a new warrant of fitness, as long as it’s safe to drive. It’s important to know why it failed, like if there’s smoke coming from the exhaust or if the seatbelts are broken.

Understanding how warrant of fitness inspections work helps keep everyone safe on the roads. By following the rules and making sure our cars are safe, we make driving safer for everyone.

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FAQ / WOF Auckland

Is it illegal to drive a car without Warrant of Fitness?

Yes, it’s illegal to drive a car without a Warrant of Fitness. This document shows that your car meets safety standards, so driving without one can be dangerous.

Can I get fined for no WoF?

Yes, if your car doesn’t have a Warrant of Fitness, you could be fined. It’s important to make sure your vehicle has a valid Warrant of Fitness to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

How much does a WOF cost NZ?

The Cost of WOF is $70.

How often do I need to get a WoF?

You need to get a Warrant of Fitness check:

  • Once a year if your vehicle was first registered anywhere in the world on or after 1 January 2000.
  • Every six months if your vehicle was first registered anywhere in the world before 1 January 2000.

How long does it take to get a WoF after failing?

If your car fails its warrant of fitness inspection, it might take some time to fix the issues. Once the problems are resolved, you can get a new Warrant of fitness, but the exact time can vary depending on the repairs needed.

Do they check oil for WoF NZ?

A Warrant of Fitness doesn’t look at:

  • Oil and other fluids in your car
  • How thick your brake pads are or how long they’ll last
  • Paint and body condition in areas that aren’t structural
  • The engine, clutch, gearbox, or differential.

When should you take your vehicle for a WoF?

Bring your vehicle in for a new warrant of fitness inspection about a week before your current one runs out. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to fix anything that needs attention.

What’s the difference between CoF and Wof?

The main difference between a Certificate of Fitness (CoF) and a Warrant of Fitness is the type of vehicles they apply to. CoF is for commercial vehicles like trucks and buses, while Warrant of Fitness is for regular passenger vehicles. Both documents make sure that vehicles meet safety standards, but they have different inspection criteria and requirements.

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